My face was crazy so i took it out!!!hehehehe

I am pumped to say the least, I have lost 19kg in 6 weeks, I cannot even begin to believe it, like WHAT??????????????
This very dress i had given up hope on ever wearing it again as a DRESS!!!! it was a top and pop socks..hahaha what a joke they dnt used to  go passed my KNEES. No i am not joking wih you people.
Just look at me cheii e belike say i don dey get SHAPE!! You people are Finished oooh

Today when I got on the scale, I jumped down like I couldn’t believe it 3.6kg like from where? How? How? How?

The best part is the inches, my GOD>>>>>>>>> i mean from 61 inches, my hips are now 56 inches like 5 inches I can’t even believe it. Breath Nosa you need to stay around long enough to flaunt this B.A.R.D.Y..............YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

I am practically shrinking before my very own eyes ……..Raaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh


Let me not kill myself, because it is almost certain that as of next week I would have lost 20kg.

This is definitely a dream…….somebody PINCH ME!!!!

Do you know I don’t even know what to blog about today I am too excited ooh.. Look at me that started with no neck…….. I now look like an ostrich. Everyone is calling me BEAUTIFUL.

I don’t want to even cry. Please say this prayer with me anytime you feel down, or lost or sad or you want to give up:

"Lord I thank you, I thank you for this journey/situation?story, I thank you for this day, I thank you for the tears, I thank you for the laughter, I thank you for the sadness , I thank you because you are taking me through a situation so that you can give me my revelation. I am grateful Lord and I just want to say thank you. I can’t wait to see my expected end because I know it will be beautiful" Amen.

Am off people it’s a beautiful day. off course i cant stop smiling..
Just had a bowl of chicken salad with AVOCADO and every other vegetable you can think of and boy was it Heaven!  LMAO! 
Yes i am a CHEAT. let me live. Mwah....
I’ll see you all soon.
Nossybelle out.X



nelly agbogu said…
Great one Nosa! I can see the shape!
nosayaba bello said…
Thank you my love...
Anonymous said…
Nosa congrats on your achievement. please how did you do it? because i need to lose 10kg ASAP. my email is babechichiu@yahoo.com please do reply.
Anonymous said…
Well done,just stumbled on ur blog (thru nellyagbobu), abeg how did u do it??
zyy said…
I celebrate with you my love,,,,,,,, remember this dress and when u wore it for Ib"s grad ooo wow...., I share your joy with you booboo .... Good job mate
Anonymous said…
I am very happy for u dearie..God will strengthen u through this journey.. I have u in my prayers.. Ebiuwa...
Maryam said…
Reading your blog brings so much smile to my face and am so happy for all you are experiencing. You are beautiful my darling!
Anonymous said…
you remind me so much of myself
when I started seeing inches off my waistline and hips
I have never been more happier and ur blog just makes me smile
This blog is even better cuz I kno u frm high skl

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