My loves,
Kindly accept my apologies for my absenteeism.
Like I have being saying the month of July has being crazy busy.
I really can’t wait for the month to come to an end. Like I have never wanted August this much in my life before.
While July has being hectic, it has also being amazing month as pertains to my weight loss journey.
Everybody is beginning to notice and while it’s nice, it’s also psychologically a head buster. I struggle all the time to see the weight loss everyone is shouting about. No, I am not trying to be funny. In the land of the obese (dare I say formally) getting cocky there muhehehehehehe. It is called the fat girl syndrome.

I still don’t know what I weigh, and I don’t give a damn. I am enjoying my freedom from the clutches of the numbers.
Yesterday got into my car and I was able to fit in with the arm rest down. That arm rest has stayed up from the time I started to drive that car till yesterday because the space where it would fit – there lay my stomach falling from the side.
All my clothes are now sack clothes. My trousers barely cover my bum when I seat, and my dresses, ooh well that’s awful. I uploaded pictures in my last post.
I tried to shop yesterday and bagged all of my clothes at size 24. My friend told me she wasn’t going to pay for any until I changed all the sizes to 18. My sister said that I know where I am going to not where I am so I should even bag size 18 and then tobobo said 14 that one is just a joker.
I went back to the bag and the lowest I could go was a size 20. I changed all the sizes to 20-22. Basically I know that in a couple of weeks, I definitely won’t be able to fit into a size 20. It will be too big however, I am gradually easing into this process and it will take me time to fully accept that my body is changing and will continue to change.
Aside from my Cambridge diet, I put in work at the gym as well. Although, these days I am getting very lazy. Left to me I should have lost 50kg by now, but this journey has taught me that with perseverance patience and consistency you will get to your desired result.
Every day, I am learning to trust the process.
Its two weeks to the end of my first three months. And it’s being a wonderful ride, I am thankful for the tears the laughter, the friends I have made along the line, the lessons learned, the failures the victories the ups and downs. I am thankful for everything.
Thank you all for the support. You all are amazing.
Catch you all later.
Nossybelle out.x







nelly agbogu said…
Awesome! I concur! Size 14!
Witness!!!! Welldone my darling
Iyunoluwa said…
Welldone Nosa!!! Till you are down to 12! Keep it up!
LaNew Fifi said…
Awesome! Well done xoxo

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