Today has being a bad day.

Weight loss is really damn EMOTIONAL.

Like it’s almost a mental battle between you and yourself.

I woke up today and the scale in my room showed me 152kg, and I almost threw up.

I buzzed up my consultant and told her I was coming to see her this morning.

On getting to her office, I was so scared to climb the scale, and when eventually I did, I had lost just 0.2 kg between Monday and today.

The truth is that one thing I need to learn is that a loss is a loss no matter how small, but it’s hard.

I am putting in work, like real work and I am expecting to see results, and when I am not seeing them it leads to frustration.

This applies not only to weight loss, but in life generally.

Everybody wants to see results.

I even considered cheating today with a salad or my avocado but I decided not to do that.

I planned to stay dedicated this week and I am going to have to stick with that.

Like my friend said to me this morning, some days are good and some days: not so good.

I am going to keep on fighting.

Off to the gym now.

Talk to you all later.

Nossybelle Out.X

                                                              I WONT GIVE UP.....


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