Hello darlings,

So yesterday, because i dey vex i nor greet una, i just carrry write bad day rant commot. mcheeew

Sorry my loves, this weight loss thing ehn, makes your head to touch and me I was already born with touching brain. Dangerous  combo.

Anyways today was a little bit better than yesterday.

After sulking and sulking in my chair like a big big baby, I went on the hunt oooh, yes to look for the reason why my scale is not moving coupled with all the gym matter and exercise and I am not eating I should be like 50kg by now. LMAO

I read almost a 100 weight loss blogs.

When i want something i can be a freak ooh.

I kept on reading about weight loss plateaus and all worth not, I just wanted to know, why brother scale is not showing me what I want to see.

The one thing that I found out, which was consistent throughout my search was most people advice you to dump your scale and focus on the inches you are losing. hmmm easier said than done.

I have a scale by my bed, which I jump on every morning and night. I promised to fling it today. Maybe after this post I will climb it for the last time and take it to my sisters’ room. (Story).

Every two weeks, my consultant measures my waist, hips and bust. I know i loose inches, but i am more interested in the figures on the scale.

So next week i think i am going to be looking more at those inch figures and concentrate on my non scale victories. i think i lost 2 inches in the hip area last week  and 1 inch in the tummy. 

Afterall weekend my weekend, I pick up a new pair of jeans and slide into them than feeling is greater than…………… yaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssss………

At least now i know every week is definitely gonna be a win win for me.

It’s either my scale or my waist and to be freaking honest anyone is fine by me so far i don’t add 0.1kg then there will be peace in the world.

Off to be with sensei and Tyron Lanister, and John Snow...

Bye boo’s .X


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