You people, on Sunday when you go to church, please add offering for this testimony i am about to give.

Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

So this evening i was dancing and jumping up and down during aerobics, my shoe lace somehow got loose i BENT DOWN and tied them.  heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Unless you have being 160kg before and tried to bend down to buckle or lace your shoes and almost tumbled to death in the process, you will never understand, EVER!!!! I mean normally if that happens what’s my own? I will just pull the shoe,pick it up and tie it in my face then throw it on the floor cause I cannot BEND DOWN and force my leg inside.

I was suffering but I did not know.

I was half way up when i realized what i had done. I went back down and went to lace my other leg of my snickers to be sure.if I started to shout the people in the gym will think I had gone mental, they too won’t get it.

In fact ,I am on a shoe lacing spree , I was lying down on my bed chatting with my friend looked over and  saw one of my shoes that had lace on it, told her to hold on let me lace it to be very very sure.

Remember i wrote this HERE, as one of the things i want to do by December 2013?

At this rate i am sure that by the end of this month i may just be lacing the shoes of anybody in this house who cares to stand for me.

That’s not the only thing i have noticed oh.

About a few months ago the trousers that i wanted to give to obioma to help me adjust by adding material to the waist so that it can button , I was not even interested in trying lose weight so they can button, I was rather ready for them to be expanded…na wa.

I am nacking them well well now. I am even looking for tailor to shift the pin, they are getting loose…. it is well.

Also, before walking to the office that is directly opp where i live was like a 5k marathon. I used to dread it. Now i do the walk in 4 mins, I am not even kidding you.

Then let’s talk about sweating, the worst. Let me stand up here and go and pick my biro that fell beside my bed, it will be like John the Baptist submerged me inside the river for baptism.

Let me not even begin to talk about moving from my house to work that one you will think that rain beat me. 

Please don’t laugh, just thank God because it is not funny. I was dying slowly.

FATNESS is not a good thing my people, fatness is NOT.

This journey has being far from easy, its being only three weeks, and see all my testimonies....

I wonder what will what happens in three months. 

Y’all gats to watch this space.

I am going back to my game of thrones.

Deuces  people. X


Anonymous said…
Lmfaooooooo why are you like this. You're a clown this babe. But I'm still so proud of you. I'm sure when you get to like size 16/18 we won't hear word again :p
Anonymous said…
Weldone love
Uloma Asika said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
hey babe ride on
Ibhade Odigie said…
Lmaooooooo Nosa u wont kill me! Pple beside me thinkin im goin mad cos im laffin so hard. Keep up the motivation love, God is ur strength.
nosayaba bello said…
thank you baby gyal.kisses.

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