Hello darlings,

Today is another Monday and you know what time it is. Yeah baby its weigh in day.

So I have being walking on clouds since I got back from my consultants office and i must say it feels good up here.

I told y'all that the weekend was all kinds of emotional right? So many things happened, and it ended in me eating bread and Akara in my dream. The funny thing , is that that’s something I will never eat. Cambridge or NOT. 

Yesterday, in my house, they made this hefty pot of Jollof rice and chicken wings. While I enjoyed the smell and served guests, I reminded myself of 5000 reasons why i did not have to taste it and guess what? I made it through the night.

I have learnt to deal with the mental part of this journey and in my next post i will give you some tips on how I get along.

Now to the business of the day, I see you all have being checking out this blog, waiting for my update on my weigh in. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my delight to inform you that i have moved from the 150's to the 140's:149.1kg to be precise, which means, I lost 2.4kg this week, which brings me to a total of 12.4 kg in three weeks. God is good, who knew that i would be able to hold out for a day, not to talk less of three weeks without food? I didn’t....

I am the biggest foodie that ever lived, most days I fantasize about all the foods I could be eating at a particular time.

What I have noticed though, is that I now dream of healthy alternatives and God knows that I cannot wait to start preparing my meals. Oh, all the things I plan to do with lettuce.LOL

Most importantly, I am coming into this new week, more determined than ever to go on. I told my friend today who is also on this journey, that I am so happy, the feeling is inexplicable. This journey is emotional; believe me when I tell you.

The last time i weighed in the 140's range was about 5 years ago that is a really long, long, long time ago. I mean when i saw 149kg today, it was like a dream, I had to pinch myself.

All those nights of gripping hunger, all those days that I just wanted to give up, the tears the sweat, the insults, the prayers, the positivity, the negativity, the lessons all seemed worth it?

I had gotten to that point, at 160kg, where i had totally given up on myself.

Three weeks after, I have lost 12kg. Imagine the victory I felt it was so overwhelming.

If I can do it, so can you. The journey is not an easy one but I can assure you that In the end, it will all be worth it.

Nossybelle Out.x



chy cynthia said…
Pls where can i buy a nice digital bathroom scale in lagos.. ?
nosayaba bello said…
hi chy cynthia, i think you can get at shop rite if you are in Nigeria . but i got mine from England in one of those Sunday street markets for 5 pounds.

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