Hello people,
I missed you all yesterday.
Judging from the page views I got, I know y’all were waiting for me to drop a post.
Unfortunately, I was under the weather, well I thought I was.
 My body was revolting the new exercise regime HAHA. I had a splitting headache one side of my head and then my body was just on a downward spiral.
Basically I thought I was going to die yesterday, all that was going through my mind was “if I die now they will still bury me fat” What a waste!!!!!
I called my weight loss bud and she told me to go get checked out immediately at the hospital and probably get something inside my body to fuel up and get my energy back and she warned me to avoid the GYM because if I stressed my body too much I will break down totally.
All I really wanted to do was just lie down and close my eyes my head was spinning so badly.
Eventually I found myself at home somehow. I wanted to go in change and drive myself straight to the hospital.
I woke up after about two hours to the sound of my phone ringing; my sister had being ringing the bell and banging on the door, I was in slumber land. I woke up opened the door and went straight back to sleep.
It was like a miracle when eventually I woke up feeling a thousand times stronger than I felt before I went to lie down to sleep. It was as if nothing had happened to me at all. I felt like a new born baby newly refreshed.
I was so mad at my body for trying to trick me to fuel it with food. All I really needed was to rest. I mean i can imagine how horribly blotted and angered I would have felt had I given in to its incessant want for food, trying to trick me into believing that if my teeth did not grind on solid substance it will SHUT DOWN.

Do you guys know that the devil almost used me? I got home and saw biscuit on the chair before I went to sleep, and then I LICKED IT (everyone I tell this to laughs) and then I threw it away and went to sleep. When recounting that incidence to my friend this morning I came to realize how funny it sounded. Like why not just eat it? Why lick it??? I am just weird…………… I know.
After waking up feeling like super woman, I decided I was going to deal with my body, and punish it for deceiving me and teach it never to try that again. After all it was this deceptive behavior that put me where I am today the believe that food was my ultimate master and I was its slave.
I got up at 7.00 PM, dressed up and went to the GYM. YES!!!! To the GYM. Had step aerobics and then I went to do my C25K RUN... Yeah I have started to practice for my 5k run. I found this breast cancer organization, and decided to join them in their cause by running 5k. I’ll Get you all the complete info in my next post in case you are intrested. I am to complete the 5k by July 31st SO HELP ME GOD!!!!
Yesterday taught me, in a nutshell that I can actually do anything that I want to do if I put my mind to it. That also goes for anybody reading this blog that is also struggling, you can do it too. Doesn’t matter what route you have decided to take, you can do it don’t let the devil tell you differently.
I got to go now people, work beckons. It’s a Friday and I am PUMPED.
N.B: Daddy’s Home.
Nossybelle out. X


Anonymous said…
Hello dear. Pls keep this post coming. I also noticed dat drinking loads of water also helps too especially when u want to eat something. I am so inspired by your mail. Kiss kiss,
Eve and Wright said…
hahahahahaha! I actually found the licking the biscuit part funny.

But most importantly, your courage is amazing. I know this is coming over a year too late, but I just stumbled on this and I find your blog very inspiring. Keep it up.

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