Hi people,

I hope you are having a good Sunday.

This weekend has being  filled with rolercoaster emotions for me. Coupled with the fact that I spent my whole day At work yesterday and tommmorow is Monday already.

I am actually not looking. Forward to tomorrow, even as it is weigh in day. I want to rest......

On Friday my colleague made a very hurtful comment about a friend of mine who is also on the big side. I will not like to go into details here because it will re - anger me if there is even a word like that.

I went straight to my blog and I write up this very harsh piece and before I posted it I called up a few Poole and they told me to ignore and not let the ramblings of mere man deter me from my mission.

Even if at that time ,I felt they were all blabbing. I obeyed ,took time out to cool off and really look at the situation.

I am so thankful to God that I did. Stepping away from the situation just made me realise how unaware this person was and whether or not I liked to believe it, WORDS are WORDs.
they do not take anything away from you except you let them.

Today at church my pastor also said something that stuck a chord, thank God for not just the good things but also for the bad things that happen to you. Because you Must go through the process and the pain to get to your purpose.

Who said it would be easy? Nobody.

Losing weight is an emotional journey. Everyday I am in constant battles with myself. So I will not even come an join another persons own madness to my own. So please let everybody talk, I cnt celotape their mouths.

So I stand here today blessing God for the 70kg more I have to loose.

I thank him for the hard lessons I am going to learn along the way so that I would be able to encourage and help others who are just like me.

I thank him for the tears I will shed on this journey because they will eventually turn to laugther.

I thank him for th days I will want to give up because I will learn to draw strength from him.

I thank him for everything, both the good and the bad.

I have promised myself that words are words and I will continue to treat them as such.

For everytime I am criticised, laughed at, made fun off , or people say harsh words to me I will smile and them go and put in double the work.

By the way, tommmorow is weigh in day and guess who is going into the 140's? you guessed right. I am supercagifragilisticespialidocious!!!!! (In English: EXCITED!!!! )...

Nossybelle out.x


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