Hello people,

A moment of silence for all the lives we lost in the DANA air craft this day last year. How time flies. I did not know a single soul on that flight, but I think that will go down in history as one of the most horrific incidences I have ever experienced in my life time. May the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. AMEN.

I am literarily squealing like a little seal that has being handed a ball by visiting tourists.

How was y'alls weekend? Mine was all sorts of CRAY.

you see, my parents don’t live in Nigeria, and they are coming back home after six months so i have to rearrange their house back to the former state it was when they left.

 In retrospect, it helped me keep my mind off of all them yumyums in my tumtum and i stayed distracted throughout not to say that once or twice i did not think of gobbling down some "forbiddens".

Let’s get down to the business of the day. Let us all toot our horns, because this girl over here has LOST a total of 10KG.BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! GONE FOREVER.Yes baby i almost fainted when i saw it. In addition to that, i have also lost a total of 5inches from bust, tummy and hips. NOR BE GOD?

You see, last week i had not being a good girl. No i did not cheat but i had not followed the instructions of drinking three big bottles of eva water a day.

OMOH e no easy my bladder was crying and i was looking like a weirdo going in and out of the office toilet but needless to say my consultant said the 3kg i lost this week was very good. The weight will go off now on a slow and steady pace which i am totally satisfied with.

I have to run now people, my boss is giving me the eye.LOL. Even though he too was eager to know as well how many Kilograms are gone forever….

I haven’t eaten food in 14 days and i still have this inexplicable strength i can only attribute it to God almighty’s grace.

See y'all soon.

Nossybelle out.x



nelly agbogu said…
Nosa congrats and who said you havent eaten "food"?
You see, this weightloss tiny is a thing of the mind. How many ppl will take cappuccino as breakfast, chocolate as lunch and veggie soup as dinner and say they have not "eaten"? lol
Cambridge meals are "real" meals and if you see it that way you will be a dress size 18 by next month. Yes i said it! lol
#drinking my chocolate shake and working harder#

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