Hello people,

How was the weekend?

Mine was absolutely amazing. It was my sister’s introduction yesterday and you can imagine the amount of food that was available for my conquest. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   

I told y’all I was a born foodie right???

There was so much to eat and drink ofada rice, jollof rice, fried rice, obelakpalakpa stew with barracuda fish, Egusi and pounded yam, goat meat pepper soup, let me just stop. I was so excited that I was going to down all this food on Sunday, afterall; it was “MY SISTERS” introduction duuuhhhhhh…….

The ceremony started, it was so beautiful, my baby sis is getting married, I was a little teary eyed, but more excited.

At the beginning of the day everyone wanted to know if I was going to eat and I kept telling them that we should watch the day and see how it goes. Although there was a lot of tasting here and there with the stew I was cooking and the pepper soup needless to say I had to make sure I was in control of my brain rather than let food take control.

I devised a means where I totally shut my mind down completely, I served guests went up and down made sure that everybody was ok, constantly keeping busy until all the guests had eaten and drank, then I went full on into clearing up: washing up and cleaning and by the time I knew it, the day was GONE.

YES, GONE!!!! I MADE IT PEOPLE, I did not eat! And the feeling was amazing.

It was indescribable, when my friends and family found out that I had not eaten any food they were so overjoyed. A lot of people made promises to buy me gifts for not eating. Everybody was so proud.

Most especially myself, it just shows how much I have grown in six weeks. 6weeks ago, I would have eaten every damn thing on that table and I am not just saying that. I would have  given myself the excuse that ooh it was my sister’s day and I had leverage to eat without control, like a bottomless pit.

I pat myself on my back.

Needless to say, I had shrimp at the end of the night,6 large grilled shrimps and I couldn’t feel guilty because they were very delicious. I had it at the back of my mind that the scale was going to tip full over when I went to see my consultant today.

Fast forward six hours later, I couldn’t wait to get to my consultants office this morning, let me go and see what those shrimps had done to my life. I ran first to the scale and OMG I had actually lost weight.

Yessss!! LMAO. The god of fatness had mercy on my life. I had dropped 1.8kg I was too happy; to be frank I was glad I had those shrimps although maybe I could have dropped 3kg this week who knows??But none the less after the sin I committed and still got of 1.81kg scot free.we bless God almighty for his mercies.

Its shrimps in my belly….hmmmmm so yummy in my tummy. looooooooooolll

So officially we arte 15.5kg down, and 4.5kg away from 20kg and also 6kg away from the 130’s, I could scream right now.

Consistency and hard work is beginning to pay off.

My grandma passed me yesterday; she said she did not know that I was the 1 standing there. She almost fainted when she realized I was actually the one all along. i couldn’t/can’t see the weight loss or the difference in size, until my sisters made me do a before and after picture of myself which I am posting below for you guys to see.

I actually have come a long way from whence I came, and I am grateful.

I gats to go.

I know the rest of the day is going to be full of sunshine.LOL

My reward for this week’s loss is an extra 30 mins added to gym time. Yeah buddy. Go hard or Go home.

See y’all later.

Nossybelle Out.x

                                                   DAY 32                         DAY 1



Anonymous said…
Nice one babe
nana said…
For real you lose weight ooooo :o ... You shoulda Pass the lost fat over to me na :(... I'm happy for you nossyB
nosayaba bello said…
hahahahaha hasssana if i pass all this fat i am trying to loose to you, you defo wont forgive me.thank you baby.
Ibhade Odigie said…
Up Nossybelle!!!!! God is your strength hunie
zyy said…
Am so proud of you, word can't explian it..... Wish I can be this determined but oo well it's all good. .,, keep up the good works love , the good Lord will finish this journey with you Amen
Anonymous said…
Am loving this journey boo, pls keep up d good work
Anonymous said…
Kip it up bee....u re almost dre!

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