Hello my loves,

It’s being a crazy week between trying to focus on my job or the exam I have to write.

To God be the glory great things he has done.

How y’all being? This week, I have gotten a whole lot of recognition for this blog. I really appreciate you guys. You say I inspire you. If only you know what  you do for me.

So much love its crazy. The most surprising is even guys read this blog too and also want to get some tips. Whether we like it or not “them boys” are getting with the program as well. It’s nice to know we ain’t the only ones getting the heat.

I have missed writing I practically had to steal away to write this post.

My mum complained about my work trouser today being too big and how it no longer suited me.

Isn’t that a good problem? She wants me to go buy new skirts or make some either ways this is all so new to me. Clothes are usually always too tight or too small.

This week my cravings have been off the roof, but after 6weeks I have mastered the art of absolutely ignoring them.

“It’s just food” said Nosa to her body.

As regards healthy eating and exercise, I can’t really go into the food part now because I mean it will totally drive me crazy giving you all recipes and not be able to eat (selfish?) I know but have mercy on my soul.

I am using this time to do researches and learn so much about food. I leapt for joy knowing that I could still consume my favorite things only this time swap them with healthy substitutes don’t make a mistake when I named by blog: I am a born FOODIE !!!!!! Just that I am turning into 1 that has respect for her body.

Then to exercise, the part most people hate to love. With me exercise is a hate love, I don’t want to go then when I do go, I go crazy ass mad on my poor little receiving less than 600 Calories body. In July I am going to start the insanity 60 day challenges. That thing is intense but I need to work on my tummy and arms before it is too late.

All in all a little reminder before I go, weight loss is a process; you did not add the weight in one day so you definitely won’t loose it all in 1 day either. Take your time, Baby steps, 1pound at a time.

Time goes slowly, slowly goes by….. You’d get there I promise you.

Look at me 15kg down; 65kg away from my goal. On day 1 it seemed like a forever journey, but 1 step and a time I am getting there.

Gat to go me loves.ttyl.

Nossybelle Out.X


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