I hated that word.

it was a constant reminder that i was obese and there was nothing i could do about it

That was until i decided to take charge of my life and make a change.

now call me obese from here till tomorrow i dont really care, because now i know its not for long.

today on my way to the gym , i remembered somethings, that made me cry.

the difference this time is that after crying i didn't feel hopelessness though i was sad for a while because i am only human and also a pretty damn emotional one at that, i was heading to the gym to work my butt off still in the process of changing my life so to me it was a good thing.

today 5 weeks into my weight loss journey, i embrace the word OBESITY because that is what i have lived with most of my life and for the first time, it doesn't control me any longer..i am in charge. i am changing my story.

i have brought my BMI down from 56 to 50 in 1 month, i wonder what ill do in 6,12,18????

basically the sky is my limit now and i know i can do just about anything.

off to bed my lovies.xoxo

Nossybelle Out.x


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