YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello people,

The day is over and my name is Gladys……….

I love Mondays because of the speed at which they go. Yes I notice they are the fastest day of the week although we still have 4 days to suffer through (grrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh) before the weekend comes.

I have been very happy all day I mean 10KG???? Like really? The day I started this Cambridge diet, someone gave me a box of chocolate and a jar of cookies. SEE DEVIL.

I told myself that this was a sign from God for me to start on Tuesday. so I kept my cookies under my desk and couldn’t wait for the day to end so I could go home and guzzle down the “forbiddens” I also silently cursed the person that gifted me with them  I mean there was last week.

Fast forward 14 days, on Saturday evening I was rampaging through my thousand of dresses, looking for what to clad my beautiful bodacious body with (Hilarious) and what did I find? My jar of cookies and my box of chocolate. I flung the bag and I have never returned to that cupboard ever since.

Why am I telling you this story? So that you understand fully well that this journey is a very emotionally and mentally draining process. The devil has helped me calculate that at most tops, I will just gain 2kg if I stuff my face with the forbiddens .

I have come this far, (10kg GONE FOREVER) and no demon tempting chocolate is going to take me back to where I was before. Can I get an AMEN?

Some days are bad, like really really bad. For example yesterday one of my bosses celebrated his birthday and trust me, no one in the office went for lunch so you can just imagine just how much food there was.

People kept passing food right in front of me, pizza, ice -cream cake, small chops name it. I was dying inside seeing all the skinny girls munching away with so much merriment, watching them eat and eat and there tummies remain flat as the food went down their throats  and I, the fatty had to sit in the corner and sip her shakes from the cup. Define FRUSTRATED??????

I quickly recognized the devil and all his cohorts now. I mean after I have suffered and lost 10kg in 14days? How can I be feeling bad?? HOW? I should stand up and be flaunting my new 2inchless waist YES!!!! I should walk around the office boldly with my head held up high and that is what I did.

Damn the devil to hell. I refuse to see myself as a pitiable case because that is what got me here in the first place. So NEVER. From today hence forth I will tell whoever is willing to hear that I have lost the amount of weigh that a 3year old child weighs. So can you just imagine…….a whole human being.

Now whoever you are reading this blog, whether you have being struggling with your weight all your life, or you have just 5kg to loose or  just want  to keep fit, just get up and do it. Do not let anything or anyone stop you.

There will be days when you will get up and feel like it’s not working, or it’s not worth it, people will tell u rubbish like you are beautiful the way you are, Ehen I want to look like Agbani Darego leave me alone.

Some will even say that you should not bother you can never be skinny. (Forgive them because they do not know what they do. They are mere MORTALS)

My detractors are the one’s keeping me going, to be very honest so here I am, giving them a very loud shout –out.

Just keep pushing and moving .The end always justifies the means.


I’ll see you all later.

Nossybelle out.x






Fifi said…
You were strong! I am enjoying your blog!
nosayaba bello said…
thank you fifi, i just read this post again. it seems lke yesterday.God is really faithful.

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