Hi my loves,

Today was one if the best days I have had in a long long time and normally when I say I had a good day It just means I ate my self to stupor.

It was diffrent today, I woke up had my bath, dressed up and went to the gym . I went on theelliptical machine   (I hate that equipment) for 15 mins and then I had about 1hr 20 mins aerobics that aerobics felt like eternity, most especially because I went through it with  1kg dumbells each on both hands , same thing yesterday In fact, by the time I was done I couldn't drive home.

Anyways I got home took a little nap and went to wash my clothes.

I came back to rampage through my clothes to look for something to wear for the day. I had to bring down all the dresses I had so I could see road to find what I was looking for. I am a hoarder, I buy clothes I do not wear them after . Another prayer point for you guys

One thing lead to another and before you know it I was trying on clothes. Oh God. I almost cried it was like I was in a size 12 dressing room. With the perfect Jeniffer Lopez body. Dang.

Everything I tried on fit. clothes that were formerly tight, were trying to hang onto my body for dear life. The past few days has being hard, because my scale has showed me numbers that I dnt want to see, but my body is telling me a totally different story .

It's all paying off in just 1 month, I picked out 1 of my normal jeans and top and wore.

As I stepped out of the room, 1 of my sisters turned and said , some1 is looking "hot" .in my life  when people tell me am looking hot back then I used to abuse them in my mind.

Today it was diffrent I know she dnt mean I looked like beyonce but that's how I took it .

So nosa can actually look hot?

And through out the day I continued to get the "woooow"    u have lost weight from every corner of the world .

What blew my mind the most today was when I went to the supermarket and  someone who reads my blog told me I can see the weight loss . God bless her soul.  I almost fainted with joy.

Today as far as I am concerned is just the beginning, Those comments have woken up another level of fire within me.

I am going  in Harder in this next month. I am going to swing harder, do more, run longer, walk faster, cry longer, because I know now that every thing I am doing is paying off .though I dnt see it yet or feel it to be honest f

I will remember the feeling I got today when my legs can move no more and I feel I am going to go out.

 Thank you all for the love and support it really does mean a great deal.

Cheers to the freaking weekend, I drink my capuchino shake to that.

Nossybelle Out. X


Ibhade Odigie said…
Mad girl! Well done me love.....#TeamAgbani.
Mwahhh Ibgirl
Ibhade Odigie said…
Mad girl! Well done me love.....#TeamAgbani.
Mwahhh Ibgirl

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